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TribalCats Maine Coon Cattery in SC

Updated July 1, 2015


Vivienne and Tonto are the proud parents of 6 babies, born May 24, 2015.  WE HAVE 1 KITTEN AVAILABLE FOR DEPOSIT.  See the available kittens page for details.

TribalCats will be having its last litters in 2015 and 2016.  After 14 years we are winding down our breeding program.  It's been a wonderful 14 years, however, it's time to do other fun things in life.  We love all things outdoors and therefore, we feel it's best to slow down and once we can no longer use our own males for breeding because of relativity in the cattery, we will finally close.  We will not be bringing in any new males.

TribalCats Maine Coon Cattery was established in 2001.  Our goal is to breed healthy, happy, well adjusted companions.  We have tested our breeding adults for the dna gene mutation.  We do not cage any animal in our home, however, our breeding males do have their own room.  The braves in our home are spoiled beyond belief.    Stan gives the boys a screen door instead of a hard door to insure they are not isolated from the rest of the family.  Our girls, of course, have full run of the entire house.  We only breed our queens once every 8-10 months to promote their health and vitality. Here at TribalCats we work very hard to keep excellent husbandry and we pay close attention to all the "little" details of being responsible, loving breeders.  TribalCats is NOT a business, we are hobbiest breeders.

Valerie and Stan Walter
Summerville, SC

TribalCats reserves the right to refuse placement of any cat or kitten at any time........

The BraveS